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ZY's Abstract Accepted by Complex Medicines: Science, Regulation, and Accelerating Development held jointly by NY Academy of Science

May, 2019

ZY's abstract on innovative delivery platform VPMC and the unique drug release profile observed with paclitaxel encapsulated with ZY-010 (folate modified polyglucose) accepted by the conference organized by the Non Biological Complex Drugs Working Group, the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory, and the New York Academy of Sciences.They further extended invitation to present in front of the audience.

ZY CSO Dr. Jun Li Presented Data from ZY-010-PNP on AACR Annual Meeting

March, 2019

ZY's abstract accepted by AACR and also invited for publication and presentation at the 2019 annual conference held in Atlanta, GA.

ZY's Biocompatible HSA Protein Nanoparticle Encapsulated Paclitaxel Project Received Response from FDA for Controlled Correspondence

Februaryy, 2019

ZY is developing a generic product for a billion dollar market size Non-biological Complex Drug on our ZNAP platform.  We received the ANDA number from the agency.

Dr. Jian Bao Featured in STEM Leaders in RTP

June, 2018

Meet 17 STEM Leaders in RTP: We ended up speaking to 17 brilliant women working in STEM fields about what it means to do their work in Research Triangle Park, what they’ve learned during the course of their careers, and what inspires them to keep pushing forward.

ZY-010-PNP Pre-IND communication with FDA on Development Plan as Ovarian Treatment Received  Complete  Response

May, 2018

The agency affirmed the development strategy proposed by ZY team on the lead product.

ZY's Innovative Nanoformulation of Paclitaxel Project was Awarded Collaboration Award from NCL

October, 2017

After first round of whitepaper submission as well as an in person panel meeting with CEO Dr. Jian Bao and Dr. Bajin Han, ZY-010-PNP project was accepted by Nanotechnology Characterization Lab for collaboration.

ZY & Dr. Jian Bao Won the First Prize in the 1st Annual CAST National Innovation Startup Competition

October, 2015

Held in Washington D.C., the first annual Chinese American Science and Technology national entrepreneur / start up competition attracted 200+ projects from academia and industries.  Dr. Jian Bao's business plan was recommended by the North Carolina chapter to the final pitch.  After competing with ten finalists ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Internet Platform, ZY project won the first prize.

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