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Innovative Biodegradable Drug Delivery Platform

ZY has developed multiple propriety drug delivery platforms to achieve the optimal therapeutic results. 

Biodegradable vitamin modified polymeric carbohydrate platform (VMPC)  
Current development focuses on optimized injectable formulations to deliver oncology therapy to the action sites.  The first biodegradable oncology nano-formulation, ZY-010-PNP, completed Pre-IND discussion with the FDA and agreement on 505b(2) regulatory pathway was achieved. Further, the isotope labeling human plasma In vitro study as well as canine pharmacokinetic study conducted by NCL suggest a unique drug releasing profile in comparison to the benchmark brands suggesting enhanced the therapeutic effect with lower safety concern.


Biodegradable Nano-delivery Platform: Vitamin-modified-polymeric-carbohydrate (VMPC)

  • Innovative biodegradable polymer platform, consists of GRAS fragments, and proven to be safe in both cell and animal  studies

  • Tunable polymeric design and scalable synthesis offers customized solutions to different drug molecules

  • Pre-IND successful with lead project on this platform in solid tumor treatment

  • Multiple proof of concept nano-formulation covering oncology, cardiovascular, immunosuppressant therapeutic molecules 

  • Global patents filed for platform


  • Biodegradable nanoparticle encapsulated paclitaxel for solid tumor treatment

  • A lyophilized powder readily re-constituted with saline to form a nano-suspension stable for 24 hours at ambient condition

  • Unique drug releasing profile that allows the formulation to have optimal tolerance / efficacy

  • Animal MTD studies show 50% higher tolerance than $billion+ market leading formulation 

  • Efficacy confirmed in both breast and ovarian cancer xenograft animal studies

  • Successfully completed pre-IND meeting with comprehensive data package 

  • FDA affirms pre-clinical work results and plans



ZY-010-PNP won collaboration award from Nanotechnology Characterization Lab (NCL), part of national lab established by FDA, NCI and NIST in a concerted effort to regulate and support nanotechnology in oncology space. NCL scientists completed comprehensive physical / chemical characterizations, in vitro cascade assays and in vivo characterizations of the product. Further, the isotope labeling In vitro study conducted by NCL suggest a unique drug releasing profile in comparison to the benchmark brand and that can enhance the therapeutic effect with lower safety concern.


Wide variety of therapeutic molecules were tested on the VMPC platform. Formulation feasibility completed products include indications of

  • Oncology

  • Immunosuppresing

  • Cardiovascular

We welcome inquiries for co-developing these projects and also applying VMPC on your drug development program to achieve optimal delivery

VMPC: Research
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